The Importance of Rebate and Loan Programs

Loans and RebatesYour air conditioning system is one of the most important parts of your home during the hot summer months. It can help make even the greatest heat bearable and can help make your home comfortable all year long. For those that have an air conditioning unit in their home, it is well known that the cost of repairing or replacing these systems can be very high.

Loan Programs

There are some ways that you can help cut the cost of keeping your air conditioning system running and replacing it as needed. The first are loan programs. Most companies that install and maintain ac systems are going to offer some sort of loan or finance program so you can disperse the cost of your new system over a longer period of time. This makes it possible to buy and replace the systems as needed so that you can keep your home comfortable even if the system you need is more expensive than what you might have on hand. Loan programs make it possible to get the system you need without having to put up the full cost up front.

Loan programs also help you to get the money you need to replace systems and get new systems installed if you do not have the money up front. This is great for those quick replacements that are not planned for.

Rebate Programs

There are also rebate programs that can help you get money back on parts that you have to buy anyway. In some cases, you can get rebates on replacement parts, filters, maintenance items, and even on full systems if the company you are buying from offers them. In most cases, the manufacturer is going to be the issuing company that offers the rebate. You can purchase your air conditioning system and send in for a rebate to get some of your cost back. You can check with your local installer to see what types of rebates there may be on certain brands, items, or systems so that you can get the best deal possible so that you can have the system you need without having to spend a ton of money to do so.

This type of rebate program is going to help you cut costs and to make your air conditioning system more affordable. Both rebate and loan programs help make keeping your home comfortable more affordable so that you can have the air conditioning system that you need without having to put up a ton of money up front. These programs are designed to help make getting the right air conditioning system in your home easier and more affordable overall.

Totally Cool A.C. offers a range of rebates and loan options to help you find the system that works best for you. With the right loan or rebate program, you can get the best system for your individual needs. Contact us today!

Can I Save Money By Switching to a Water Furnace?

Also known as geothermal, geo-exchange, or ground-water system, water furnaces are a great way to save money on your heating and cooling bills, and they’re great for the environment! These systems are designed to draw from the earth’s consistently moderate temperature to heat or cool a home.

Since the temperature of the earth remains stable, the unit does not need to work harder in the summer or winter to maintain comfortable temperatures in your home. Geothermal systems use pipes filled with water or antifreeze to move the temperature throughout the home, and back down into the Earth.  In the winter, the system will draw from the warmth in the Earth. By contrast, in the summer it will pull the cooler temperature.

Geothermal systems are highly efficient – often reaching 400-500 percent energy efficiency. Traditional heating and cooling systems don’t even reach 10 percent energy efficiency, so consider how much you could save by switching to geothermal. We called Home Comfort Geo for geothermal furnace installation  a few years back when we converted to a geothermal heat pump, and every month we’re continually surprised at how low our energy bills are.

This technology has been used for decades and is a very efficient and eco-friendly way to heat and cool your home. If you are considering having a water furnace installed in your home, I recommend Home Comfort Geo at