Advantages of Installing a New Furnace

A furnace is an important part of any type of home and is necessary to maintain a warm and comfortable climate during the warmer months of the year. Although furnaces are designed to have longevity, they can begin to wear down and suffer from issues over time. Here are a few advantages of installing a new furnace and how it can benefit your residential property.

Energy Efficiency

Older furnace models are known to consume a significant amount of energy as they operate, which can lead to spending more money on your electric bill each month. Newer furnaces are designed to be more economical, which can allow you to recoup your costs on purchasing the product with an item that has annual fuel utilization efficiency of more than 90 percent. The product will also operate more efficiently, which can allow the interior setting to heat quickly.

Avoid Costly Repairs

Older furnaces are prone to breaking down due to parts that have reached the end of their lifespan. For some people, it can be more expensive to hire a technician to perform the necessary repairs throughout the season rather than install a new product. You can end up saving more money with a new furnace rather than keeping an older model.

Optimal Comfort

Installing a new furnace means obtaining optimal comfort where you won’t have to spend time in a chilly setting. Older furnaces can cause certain rooms to heat differently than others, but new products evenly distribute the heat. The modern products are more effective because they include variable-speed technology, which causes them to be capable of generating consistent warm air. They can also maintain a warm temperature in the building. A new furnace will even control humidity levels in the building to ensure that there’s a higher level of comfort in the setting.

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The Advantages of Regular Heating Maintenance

A heating system tune-up can provide furnaces and heat pumps with much-needed care. When performed by a competent heating company, furnace tune-ups can benefit your equipment in a variety of ways. Our competent technicians will perform several services as part of a comprehensive maintenance package.

A Thorough Evaluation of Your Heating System

An in-depth inspection of a heating unit is the beginning of most maintenance sessions. Our technicians will examine various components in your machinery, checking for any problems. This evaluation will help discover potential issues that could cause trouble for your equipment in the future.

A Comprehensive Cleaning of Various Parts

Dirt can accumulate in many places in a heating system, so allowing a professional to clean up your unit would be a wise idea. Clean filters, burners, and pans can help your machinery run longer and with more energy efficiency. A dirty heating system can drive up your energy bill, so a tidy one can save you money.

Straightforward, Honest Advice About Your Equipment

In order to prevent small problems from developing into larger ones, our technicians will generally advise customers about future courses of action. Whether a single piece needs to be repaired or an entire unit needs to be replaced, our experienced technicians can assist you. Addressing a minor repair now can keep you from having to deal with a full-scale replacement later. Even if our technicians find nothing wrong, a clean bill of health can provide you with peace of mind.

At Your Service

At IT Landes, we proudly offer our clients from Harleysville robust maintenance agreements that are fulfilled by our licensed and certified technicians. Our employee-owned company has been in business since 1929, so you can trust us to have the experience and the knowledge to keep your equipment running. We’re factory-authorized Carrier dealers, but we’re capable of working on all makes and models of heaters. In addition to heating work, we can perform AC services as well as troubleshoot plumbing issues. We also work on commercial HVAC systems. Give us a call at IT Landes today if you need to have some maintenance work carried out on your heating system.