3 Common Cooling System Myths You Shouldn’t Believe

There are many myths regarding how best to use and maintain a cooling system like an evaporative cooler or air conditioner. Unfortunately, these myths aren’t just wrong; they can lead to premature wear and tear on your system and even increased energy costs. Here are three common myths that should be dispelled.

1. Turning the Thermostat Down Really Low Will Cool Your Home Faster

While it may seem counter-intuitive, turning your thermostat down really low will not help you cool your home down any faster than turning it down just slightly. This practice can even be harmful and increase your energy costs. Turning the thermostat down much lower than the temperature you want forces the system to continue running longer than necessary. Your thermostat only tells your cooling system to turn on or off based on the temperature in your home; it won’t make your system run “harder.”

2. Swamp Coolers Are the Same as Air Conditioners

While more energy efficient and affordable, swamp coolers operate very differently than air conditioners and are only suited for specific environments. In fact, swamp coolers won’t even work in humid areas. They also require a constant water source and routine maintenance. Evaporative or swamp coolers are also unable to bring the temperature down as far as an air conditioning unit is able to reach. While an air conditioner works like a refrigerator and draws moisture out of the air, swamp coolers work by introducing moisture into the air in your home to increase humidity and comfort.

3. Closing Air Vents Can Save You Money

When you’re interested in saving on energy costs, you may consider closing air vents in rooms you aren’t using. It seems like a great idea; why pay to cool rooms you aren’t in? Unfortunately, this is a bad idea that won’t have the intended effect. When you close air vents, the first thing you’ll cause is a build up in air pressure in the duct system. This actually puts more strain on your air conditioner which is designed to cool your entire home. This can lead to any or all of the following:

  • Air conditioner coil freezing
  • The growth of mold as a result of increased condensation
  • A broken compressor
  • A rise in air duct leakage
  • Lower airflow if you have a PSC blower
  • A cracked heat exchanger, leading to potentially dangerous levels of carbon monoxide

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Can I Fix Uneven Cooling in My Home?

Carrier ACUneven cooling in the home can be caused by a number of factors. Following are some simple yet effective ways to remedy the problem.

Remove Blockages

Blocked vents are one of the most common causes of uneven cooling. Thankfully, you may not even need the help of an HVAC technician to fix the problem. Check around the room that is not getting cool air to make sure that furniture items aren’t blocking the air vents. Change the filters if you haven’t done so in the last month.

Have the Ducts Checked

If there are no visible blockages preventing cold air from getting into a room, call an HVAC technician to check the ducts. Dust, debris, and leaks may be preventing cold air from reaching certain rooms in your home.

Change the Thermostat Settings

Change the thermostat fan settings from “auto” to “on”. While the auto setting is meant to help air circulation, it doesn’t always work as well as it should. Keeping the fan on can help cool air circulate throughout your home and may even be the only solution you need to fix the uneven cooling problem.

It’s also important to note that the thermostat will always work best in the room where it has been installed. If other rooms aren’t getting enough cold air, you may want to talk to an HVAC technician about installing separate zoning systems to better manage airflow in different rooms.

Check the Attic Insulation

In some cases, an insulation problem may be causing cool air to leak from certain rooms in the home. If rooms are being unevenly cooled and you have high energy bills, have an HVAC technician do an energy audit of the house to see if

HVAC Replacement

An HVAC unit that is either too small or too large for the home won’t provide proper cooling. If the unit is too small, adding a second unit may remedy the problem. A unit that is too large will need to be replaced.

Cooling Problems in New Mexico?

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