3 Reasons Why Duct Cleaning Is Important

Some homeowners think duct cleaning is unnecessary, but it’s actually important for your indoor air quality. The efficiency of your heating and cooling system is most definitely influenced by the cleanliness of your ducts. Having your ducts cleaned will eliminate allergens and irritants, improve indoor air quality, and maintain proper airflow efficiency.

Eliminates Allergens and Irritants

Allergens and irritants accumulate in the ducts over time. When your heating or cooling system runs, those irritants spread throughout your home. Even if you don’t have allergies, these irritants can affect you. It will take longer to recover from illnesses when the air in your home is full of allergens and irritants. They can also cause you to fall ill with respiratory problems. Besides irritating allergies, dirty ducts can cause issues for people who suffer from asthma.

Cota’s Comfort Heating & Cooling offers duct cleaning services in Seymour, TN, and the surrounding areas. We use specialized tools and a high-powered vacuum to clean out the contaminants from your ducts.

Improves Indoor Air Quality

Dirty ducts negatively impact indoor air quality in numerous ways. All sorts of pollutants and odors gather in the ducts, including secondhand smoke, pet dander, pollen, mold spores, bacteria, and all sorts of peculiar odors. The buildup of these pollutants and odors can make it more difficult for you to breathe comfortably. It can trigger coughing, sneezing, and respiratory illnesses.

Maintains Proper Air Flow Efficiency

Your heating and cooling system loses efficiency when the ducts become dirty. This can cause higher energy bills. It may also decrease the comfort in your home if the unit struggles to reach your set temperature. Just as your heating and cooling system needs to be regularly cleaned of dirt and debris, so do your ducts. The good news is your ducts only need to be cleaned every three to five years.

Cota’s Comfort Heating & Cooling in Seymour, TN, is an experienced heating and cooling company that can clean your ducts. We offer repair, installation, and maintenance services for heating and cooling systems. To learn more about our team, Contact us today.

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